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Madeline [userpic]
The 5 W's Of Evanescence9999
by Madeline (miraangel)
at February 3rd, 2007 (03:19 pm)

current mood: content

Here is a very basic overview of my very first community...the 5 W's:

~Who is this community for? Those who love Evanescence's sound (overall), voice (Amy Lee), lyrics (songs), values (no sex appeal, originality, etc), backbone (the band members), message (be true to yourself, be what you want to be, etc), instrumentals (raw music), look (gothic, punk, etc), feel (dark yet uplifting, meaningful), and general awesomeness (what's not to love?). 

~What shall these people do in this community? We (since this all includes me!) shall post topics about this band. Why we love them, what got us into them, what about them draws them to us, how they have affected our lives, favorite songs, favorite albums, tours, Amy Lee, news, quotes, cool facts, other websites, etc.

~Where can we meet others of our kind and go to as well as here? In other communities like our own! There are so many, some better than others. We should spread the love and absorb much of it as we can!

~When can we start posting and sharing? At any time! I will approve those people I know for a fact are good for the group, and those that I do not know personally I shall research as thoroughly as I can. I prefer people who spell decently, use okay grammar, and are in general understandable. Illiteracy, chatspeak, and other such nonsense is not something I am fond of and as the Founder of this here community I do not have to tolerate it. (Not to exclude smilies, slang, and some net-abbreviations [i.e. "lol"]; sticky caps are also fun, on occasion -- everything in moderation).

~Why did I create this community in the first place? I, Mira, created this community for a reason both simple and rather obvious. Evanescence is my favorite band in the world! Amy Lee is an immense inspiration to me and the music as helped me through a lot in my life, such as recent tough times. Not Another Evanescence Community! is my expression of personal obsession where I hope to meet others like myself and provide them with a place to share all that they feel along with me. Heck, perhaps this place won't even be strictly tied to Evanescence and Evanescence only! Perhaps we'll share past experiences and the rest, in accordance with this, my/our favorite band.