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Madeline [userpic]
Some Rules And Regulations
by Madeline (miraangel)
at February 3rd, 2007 (07:18 pm)

current mood: contemplative

These are going to be, at least at first, real basic. Real simple stuff, most of which goes without saying. Upon suggestion and depending on necessity, I will edit them.

1. Respect the opinions and thoughts of others, despite what you may think to the contrary. If you disagree, express yourself politely. And never look down on others. You shouldn't anywhere, least of all here. Preps, goths, whatever. We are all equal as long as I'm "in charge".
2. Love Evanescence. Do not come in here and start dissing the band. Why would you be here if you didn't like them? That's just dumb.
3. Don't curse just to curse. Language is something I definitely do not have a problem with, but overusing it just makes a person seem ill-educated and obnoxious.
4. Use good judgement. If I have to explain this one don't even bother joining.
5. No OvErUsE oF sTiCkY cApS. wHiLe ThEy CaN bE fUn, ThEy CaN aLsO bE a PaIn In ThE aSs To ToLeRaTe. ThAnK yOu.
6. Comment! Don't keep things to yourself!!
7. If you know something, share it! We love that sort of stuff! This is an Evanescence Community! The more the merrier!
8. Use proper grammar and good spelling. If you're not great with that stuff, that's fine, but if it's really bad, use the spell check feature. As for grammar...you know about periods and capitalization, right?
9. I am not perfect, so please, don't give me a hard time, no matter how loserish or slow I can be. Contribute to the group, help me out, make suggestions...but don't be cruel or condescending. It's bad enough I deal with that shit in my own self, aight?
10. Never. Be. Afraid. To voice your own opinions, to share your experiences, to make suggestions, whatever. That's not what we are about.
11. Do not post new entries if an old entry already addresses the exact same topic. (I don't see us growing that big, do you? I didn't think so. And if we do, I can modify my own durn rules, mwahaha.)
12. Make all posts "Friends Only". Only the first three entries (created by me) should be "Public".
13. Read the first three entries before doing anything else (preferrably, even before joining).

(((Note: I have a tendency to focus on Amy Lee and not the rest of the band...I don't mean to, but I'll be the first one to admit I'm horribly biased. If it gets annoying or too out-of-control, let me know. Chances are if it gets that bad I need to notice and make some changes. I focus on the star of the show, I'm sorry. I LOVE EVERYONE ELSE TOO YOU KNOW! At least I'm not focusing on myself!...as one-mindedly as I used to. *sweatdrop*)))